What Is The process of Human Hair Wigs Restoration

The convenience that human hair wigs brought into the fashion world is one worthy of emulation. Across the globe, more women are embracing the idea of wearing wigs. Wigs are a great way to keep looking attractive without effort or process on your hair. With a human hair wig, you get to retain your beauty even when you are having a bad hair day. And when you are alone in your closet, you can remove the wig for maximum comfort. It is better than when you have your hair done that you have to lay carefully at different points on your bed. Buying human hair wigs has more advantages over time than synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic hairs are usually cheap when you want to buy them, but they do not last long. You may save up to $20 buying a synthetic hair wig over a human hair wig, but the wig will damage several weeks before the human hair wig does. Your saving was not really a wise decision. Human Hair Wigs may last for an extended period, but it is not forever. Depending on the quality of wig you buy, its color, and how you use it, there are limits to how long your wig will last. The best thing you can do for yourself is to buy a wig that has the highest quality possible. With the quality, the wig will be easy to maintain, and in the case of the wig getting bad, restoring the wig would not be an impossible option. After buying it, how you use the wig is most important. If your wig has an old look, giving up on it may not be the best option. Instead, you can try to restore the wig with some simple steps. Some of the steps you can follow include;

Bleach the wig in hot water

Get a bowl and fill it with hot water. Add a quantity of bleach into the water. Before adding the bleach, read the pack of the bleach manufacturer and ensure you are not using Bleach that will take out the color of the wig. Almost all bleach will affect the color; you only need the one with little to no effect.

Wash the wig with a clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a type of shampoo that removes all the dirt and old look of the wig. You will need a different bowl before you can wash with clarifying shampoo. Read the pack of the shampoo so you can determine the right mix in the shampoo.

Mix wig with ammonia

In another bowl, ensure you make a mix of ammonia and water. Immerse your wig in that mix for some minutes. You can leave it for about thirty minutes.

Rinse your wig thoroughly

After the whole process of mixing your wig in the three solutions, you have to rinse the wig. Ensure the water removes all forms of ammonia and shampoo completely.

Add conditioner continuously

To restore the shine of your wig, a conditioner will be your best option. Ensure you use a good conditioner and use a comb during the process. After you condition the wig, you have to keep it wet and leave it to air dry.



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