How Does Variable Speed Screw Air Compressor Work? What Do You Know About It?

Variable speed screw air compressor is a type of air compressor. These variable-speed air compressors work on the principle of two rotors. Variable-speed screw compressors work more efficiently than other types of compressors. That why this rotary compressor is in high demand.

The leading role performed by the variable speed screw compressor is that it modifies the speed of the motor to match it with the air demand. These variable speed screw air compressors are clean and reliable. It can work for hours continuously.

The air comes from the inlet and starts moving between the rotors and then compressed air moves to the outlet. The variable-speed screw compressor produces a large volume of compressed air.

Mechanism of Variable Speed Screw Air Compressor

The working principle of the screw air compressor is very simple. As the rotors are present in the compressor. The working of the compressor is mainly dependent on these rotors. When the machine is turned on for working purposes the rotors start to move at high speed. These rotors trap the air through the inlet and then produce compressed air.

This compressed air is pushed out from the outlet. The variable speed rotary screw compressors give the right amount of compressed air at the right pressure. These rotary compressors conserve the ideal amount of pressure and save energy costs.

Difference between Fixed Speed vs Variable Speed Screw Compressors

Variable Speed Screw Compressor

VSD (variable speed) Compressors work according to the given instructions. VSD increases the speed of the motor according to air demand. If the air demand is less the motor will slow down automatically. Variable speed compressors can save energy up to 35-60%.

Benefits of Variable Speed Compressor

  • One of the most important benefits of using a variable-speed compressor is that it reduces the utilization of energy.
  • The variable speed compressor doesn’t produce any noise if running at a lower RPM.
  • The Pressure which is provided by the variable speed compressor is consistent.
  • Variable speed compressor adjusts the speed of the compressor according to air demand.
  • The component of the variable compressors are so reliable and provides a long lifetime.
  • The maintenance cost of a variable compressor is so low.

Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

Fixed-speed rotary compressors work at fixed speed when constant air is needed. It means it works on the same RPM all the time. Sometimes the fixed speed compressors are considered a waste of money and energy because before the motor stops completely it will continue to work and no air is being produced.

Benefits of Fixed Speed Screw Compressor

  • The capital costs of fixed-speed compressors are small.
  • Parts of fixed-speed compressors are easily available.
  • The maintenance costs are lower.
  • Fixed compressors are so reliable

Why Variable Speed Screw Air Compressors Are High in Demand?

There are many reasons for the high demand for variable-speed compressors. These compressors are very reliable and work more efficiently than other types of compressors. It saves time and energy. These compressors are noiseless and produce large amounts of compressed air.

What Are The Advantages of Variable Speed Screw Air Compressors?

The capital cost of a variable-speed compressor is so effective and consistent in air demand. One of the best advantages of using this compressor is that they adjust the speed of the motor and produce compressed air according to the requirement.


The variable speed compressor is used as a primary air compressor. It maintains the flow of air according to need with minimum energy loss. If the demand for compressed air is high then it works accordingly.



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