Getting a New Battery for Your PC? Here is Your Check List

Many people depend on their PCs and use them for pretty much everything, from entertainment, work, social media, name it! It may not be commonly known, but what makes the PC a portable device is its battery. The mobility of the computer is of no use without its battery. It is a pretty regular occurrence that the portable computer battery begins to age. The battery’s capacity and efficiency slowly diminish after the computer has been used for a while. In the end, the battery’s lifespan becomes extremely low to the point it becomes impossible to use the PC without connecting it to a power supply. Batterie d’ordinateur portable used in laptops are mostly the Lithium-Ion type, with a life span of approximately 500 charge cycles or about 2-3 years.

So what do you do when your battery is old and is no longer efficient? Of course, you get a new, better one! Below are tips to help you make the best choice when buying a new battery for your computer.

1. The battery voltage

A battery model can be available in two different voltage capacities. Always stick to your battery’s actual voltage. For example, if your original battery was 10.8V, do not go above or over that specific power. A high-voltage battery won’t work with a PC that needs a lower one and vice versa.

2. The battery capacity

Consider getting a new battery with a higher capacity than your original one. Power is rated in Wh (watt-hour) or mAh (milliamp hour). Wh specifies the amount of time the battery can serve in one use. Higher mAh/Wh means longer working time.

3. PC manufacturer

It is better to turn to the computer manufacturer when looking to replace your PC’s battery. Batteries from external sources cannot always be trusted since they may void warranties. Sometimes they aren’t even tested thoroughly.

Batteries have exploded on some occasions. You don’t want to increase the chances of running into this risk by getting off-brand batteries. You can always reach your PC manufacturer through their website or physical stores.

4. Is the battery compatible with your computer?

You wouldn’t want to end up with a battery that is not compatible with your computer model. You should know the make and model number of your laptop since batteries are manufactured for specific computer models.

The battery information is found on your computer paperwork or inside the battery compartment.

5. Service life

Of course, you’d want your new battery to last you long or better yet, longer than your old battery did. Computer batteries have lifespans just like other electronic gadgets. The battery lifespan is the period within which it works best.

 Thus, ensure that your laptop is installed with a cycle-counting software to help you know the lifespan (cycle) of a battery before you purchase it.

6. What’s the cost estimate?

Laptop battery prices typically fall between $45 and $150. Make sure to get all the warranty information before taking the battery home.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the above tips in mind will help you from potentially making a poor choice when buying a new battery. You want to get value for your money in terms of the efficiency of the new battery.



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