4 Exciting Features of a Fast Charging USB-C Cable

A fast-charging USB-C cable can save you time and, at the same time, you avoid so much hassle. USB-C cables were introduced in 2015 and have become quite popular because of their incredible features, like fast-charging capabilities and extensive compatibility with various phones and personal computers. But that does not mean you should settle on any cable you see. Ugreen offers some of the best USB-C cables in the market. You can get there and buy a cable that will not frustrate you.

What you will love most about the fast charging USB-C cables

It is common to be hesitant about something before you buy it. That will happen when you do not know the value you expect after spending money. When it comes to fast charging USB-C cables, you can only expect the best. Let us look at the features that make these cables stand out when compared to others.

Fast charging and data transfer

One of the best features of USB-C charging cables is their fast charging capabilities. A standard fast-charging USB-C cable can charge a phone twice faster than a standard charger. A USB-C charging cable can deliver a maximum power of 100W. The high power flow makes them great for charging devices with large battery capacities. In addition to the fast-charging abilities, the cables also offer fast data transfer; they can transfer up to 10 GB/s, which greatly separates them from other USB cables.

Feature a tiny physical connector

SUB-C cables are known for their tiny physical connector. Their connector is roughly the size of a micro USB, making them often confused for micro USB connectors. As devices become smaller and thinner with each release, the need for tiny charging ports also increases. For this reason, there are many charging cables with mini or micro connectors. A USB-C to lightning charger’s connector is about a third of the size of the conventional USB-A charger.

Reversible as you use them

Another fantastic feature of the USB-C connector is its reversibility. This means you do not have to flip the connector around while looking for the right orientation. This is one of the most common challenges of the standard Apple chargers.

Highly applicable

Another good thing about USB-C charging cables is their high applicability. Their connector shape allows you to use a single USB cable for all your Apple devices. Therefore, you do not need several cables for your various devices. However, they do not apply to all devices, especially earlier Apple models; USB-C cables support USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, and Gen 2 standards. It also supports third-party protocols like HDMI and DisplayPort in an Alternate mode. Another fantastic feature of the USB-C fast-charging cable is it allows devices to convey and choose the right power flow level through the interface.


Fast-charging USB-C cables are gaining popularity fast across smartphones and mobile devices. They are especially popular among mobile device users because of their application in charging and data transmission. Considering their applications, they are worth the extra money. Get yours today at Ugreen.



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