A desire to create change

Dr. Daniel Blood began working with organizations in Haiti in 2006. He has seen firsthand the high childhood mortality rates and waterborne illnesses resulting from a lack of potable water. On his several trips to the country, Daniel has worked with ALOM, CCH, Free the Kids, and Sustainable Action International to provide electricity and running water to communities in Haiti. After the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, which resulted in a cholera outbreak and an even more devastated sanitation system, Dr. Blood teamed up with two classmates in his Engineering Entrepreneurship class to create the aqUV product line. Using solar panels, UV lights, and stainless steel water bottles, aqUV water bottles are designed to treat any water source into clean drinking water within minutes. Through your support, aqUV helps to bring these technologies on a larger scale to Haitian communities and homes.

Our Focus: Dlo se Lavi

Dlo se Lavi” is Haitian Creole for “water is life”.

Through aqUV’s Dlo se Lavi initiative, we aim to provide clean drinking water to those in need, while implementing improved technology and education for long-term success.  Haiti is the current focus of aqUV’s mission.  40% of Haiti’s population doesn’t have access to clean water and 90% of children suffer from waterborne illnesses and intestinal parasites.

The cholera epidemic that followed  the 2010 Port-au-Prince earthquake is an example of what can happen when wastewater is not treated properly and people are forced to drink whatever water is available, regardless of its source. Fixing the entire infrastructure is a massive undertaking that requires political action on a grand scale. aqUV’s technologies put water sanitation in the people’s hands, providing portable and sustainable water purification for Haitians in need.

The Future

Although our mission began in Haiti, there are many other countries suffering from water issues. aqUV ultimately strives to bring our solutions to the many water-challenged and water-deprived countries in the near future.

The sales of aqUV purifiers help us fund clean drinking water projects in Haiti. Support the cause by purchasing an aqUV water purifier or donating one directly today.