Introducing long-term, clean water solutions in Haiti

aqUV strives to make a lasting change in developing countries and communities. A lack of potable water traps citizens in a cycle of poverty and denies them one of the most basic human needs. With the use of UV technologies, aqUV aims to subsidize materials and provide education for communities in need of clean water solutions, with help from partner organizations on the ground in Haiti.

Subsidizing Production Materials & Costs

aqUV heightens its impact by subsidizing materials at costs reasonable for each market, rather than simply donating a purifier. This creates greater trust and buy-in of the local communities, and helps ensure a hard-earned purchase is used.

Manufacturing & Selling Water Purifiers Locally

We educate Haitians in their communities on how to 3D print parts and assemble our purifiers. We then set up local manufacturing centers and provide guidance to make purifiers locally and sell around the community. This creates entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for local residents and builds trust in the technology.

Building Large-Scale Community Solutions

aqUV is working toward the implementation of large scale water purification systems for Haitian communities. UV disinfection and solar energy are scalable and sustainable technologies that can meet long-term and high volume water purification demands. These types of systems can have the same solar-powered energy source, while lasting many years with minimal maintenance.

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