We aim to provide clean drinking water across the globe.

Finding clean drinking water is a daily struggle for many people. Without the infrastructure necessary to treat and distribute water, millions of people in developing nations drink contaminated water and suffer from preventable diseases. At aqUV, we aim to help.  Since 2014, aqUV has been focusing its efforts in Haiti, providing clean water solutions that helps reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses and child mortality rates.

How We Started
3 Grad Students with a Vision

In Fall 2013, 3 graduate students came together to create a bottle that purifies water using UV light to provide clean water to communities in need. In 2014, these students won first prize in the University of Florida Big Idea Competition.  This provided the funding to launch aqUV, create the first models of water purifiers, and form partnerships with Haitian organizations.   Haiti’s need for potable water and its cholera outbreak after the 2010 earthquake made it a natural starting place for aqUV’s mission to provide clean water to communities and developing countries in need.

How We Help

We donate 10% of profit from each sale toward the construction and distribution of large scale water purifiers in Haiti. We encourage self-reliance in these communities by teaching locals how to assemble and fix purifiers on their own.

How We're Making a Difference
Creating Lasting Haitian Partnerships

Each sale of an aqUV water purifier funds our clean drinking water initiatives in Haiti. With time, we will expand our efforts into other countries with drinking water issues. Shop the aqUV store to purchase your own water purifier or to donate one today.