Fostering relationships and creating lasting impacts

The success of aqUV’s Dlo se Lavi mission would not be possible without local support.   aqUV works with Haitian organizations to provide electricity as well as potable water to homes, clinics, and communities. We implement solar panels and well pumps, as well as educate communities on how to manufacture and repair the water bottles. Using the same technologies that clean water in minutes, aqUV has teamed up with Free the Kids, Alpha Omega Medical Ministries (ALOM), Consolation Center Haiti (CCH), and Sustainable Action International (SAI) to provide potable water on a larger scale to Haitian communities.

Free the Kids (FTK) is the United States-based funding arm of Pwoje Espwa Sud, or Project Hope, whose mission is to alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on the youth of southern Haiti. PES provides a home and refuge for 450 orphaned and vulnerable children between the ages of 9 months and 20 years, food and clothing for 150 non-residents, and education for approximately 1500 non-resident students whose parents are unable to afford alternatives. The Haitian government does not have resources to provide for these children, and many would be living on their own were it not for FTK. In addition to working on several water and solar powered projects at their compound, aqUV contributes to the mission of education by holding classes on in-country manufacturing (like 3D printing). We are working with a graduate of their program to build aqUV bottles in-country, and possibly distribute them as well. Ultimately, we hope to provide water bottles for each of the 350 children there.

Alpha Omega Medical Ministries (ALOM) provides medical services and programs to improve the health, living conditions, and well-being of people in Haiti at a clinic just outside of Port-au-Prince. Having helped over 200,000 people over the last 10 years, they also run a mobile clinic to reach those that would otherwise be without healthcare. Our primary mission with ALOM is to help with clinic’s energy needs, maintain their water systems, and support their electrical needs at their current location as well as at the new clinic they are building to serve even more people. Ultimately, they hope to distribute aqUV water bottles to patients with recurring bacterial infections, likely from unclean water sources. aqUV has donated several bottles for the doctors’ use while they work on their traveling clinic.

Consolation Center Haiti (CCH) provides medical care, education, housing, meals, and clothing for 36 girls, ages 3-15, from all over the Southern Corridor of Haiti. CCH empowers the community through workshops and clinics that focus on family planning, violence against women, and nutrition. We recently replaced/upgraded CCH’s entire solar panel system, and in the future, hope to distribute water bottles to each of CCH’s 200 young girls and women.


Sustainable Action International (SAI) works alongside the people of Haiti to provide basic needs and support economic development. They currently provide schooling for over 100 children, and operate a small farm. Their operations are based in La Victoire, a village of about 20,000 in Northern Haiti. aqUV installed well pumps as well as solar panels to run those pumps at SAI’s center. In July 2016, we upgraded their water pump and delivered a large portable solar powered battery pack for their daily use, which allowed them to charge their electronics and run lights at night. We are currently working to provide clean water at their center, and in the future, we hope to donate 150 bottles for all the children at compound.

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